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About Bee9 Honey

Bee9 Honey started in 2016 when a number of lucky coincidences happened to the founder, Tim Vivian.  He was working for a company based in the Custard Factory in Digbeth, a stone's throw from the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham (England, to avoid any confusion for any people reading this from Alabama).  Wandering around the building, he found the door to the roof had been accidentally left open.  A beekeeper for over 20 years, Tim realised that this would be a fantastic spot for some beehives.  Luckily the management of the Custard Factory agreed and so three beehives have been on the roof ever since.


Tim realised that, unlike London, the city centre of Birmingham does not have many beehives, and so is now trying to 'take over Birmingham, one roof at a time'!  A second site (apiary in beekeeping terms) has now been established at Birmingham City University at Millennium Point.  More are in the pipeline for 2020.


Bees fly up to 1.5 miles to find flowers in the city to collect nectar from.  The nectar is made into delicious honey by the bees.  Even more importantly for the environment, while they are collecting nectar, the bees are also helping to pollinate lowers growing in the city centre, making the area greener and healthier.


Tim and Bee9 are doing all that they can to promote bees and beekeeping in an urban environment although as Bee9 has no charitable funding, any projects need to be funded.  He is however happy to discuss any proposals and help as much as he can.  Contact Tim using the contact page.

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